John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Yay - I now have my motorbike back! Had a call from the shop this morning, so I went out to Harrow to collect it. It was a bit weird to be riding it again after a 4 month gap, so I took it easy at first, but by the time I got back here I was doing 50 mph with confidence. So, now I'm mobile again, which is good :) The bike also looks nice and shiny, primarily because they had to replace most of the shell. This is quite good timing, since I may be able to use it on Wednesday during the tube strike. Alternately, I may just walk to the Strand - depends how bad the traffic is. My insurance runs out on Friday, so that gives me a bit of leverage to hassle the insurance company; I'd like to get a refund for my costs over the last few months. Fingers crossed...
Tags: motorbike

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