John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Cycled into college today - no tube strike yet (until tomorrow evening), but good to get into the new routine. It was actually slightly quicker on the bicycle than the motorcycle (just under an hour each way). Admittedly, this has less to do with my athletic prowess, and more to do with being able to use bus/cycle lanes... The point is that 6 mph isn't exactly high speed, so it's traffic that's the bottleneck. Still, I'm hoping that this will be good exercise.

Had two hours of lectures today, and just one hour of Java tutorial tomorrow. So far, it's all been pretty easy - I already know most of what we've been taught, either from my undergrad course or my work experience. I'm guessing that the pace will pick up once we get past the first few weeks...
Tags: cycling, postgrad

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