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Well, Mailbox have done it again... I really need to get off my arse and transfer to a different ISP.

My internet connection (at home) was fine when I left for work on Friday morning, but it had stopped working by lunchtime. I rebooted my ADSL router several times over the weekend, with no effect, so I spent half an hour on hold waiting to speak to tech support this morning. It turns out that they've got a major outage, affecting most (all?) of their customers. However, I can't find any information about this on their website, so here's a Public Service Announcement for anyone else who hasn't jumped ship yet.

Apparently they decided to transfer all their customer accounts to a BT service last week, for better reliability. However, their current provider got wind of this and decided to block access to everyone. So, the solution was to change my username/password in my ADSL router. For instance, suppose that my telephone number was 08451204010 (that's actually their number). My old info was:

Username: 08451204010@mailbox
Password: [...]

My new info is:

Password: 08451204010

I had to tell the support guy my phone number and some info about my connection (router/modem), so I'm not sure whether you have to speak to them or whether you can just change the settings yourself. No harm in trying, though. I suggested that they should phone around all their customers to let them know, rather than waiting for people to call in, but he said that they can't dial out at the moment because their phone lines are jammed by everyone calling in!

The support guy also said that everyone will be transferred over to Firenet soon, so he recommended that I look around their site to see whether I'd be better off with a different package. Apparently my billing won't change, although they still haven't charged me for December yet, so we'll see what happens there.

Edit: Although changing my details got me back online, I've lost my static IP address. They didn't mention it, and I don't want to wait on hold again, so this is just an extra reason to abandon them.
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