John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Hmm. I was feeling lazy today, so I didn't cycle into the department - took the tube in, and the bus back. Bizarrely, I had some old bloke (50-ish) trying to chat me up at the bus stop on the way back... It was a bit confusing - I assumed that he was after money or something when he stood next to me making random comments. But then he said "You're very good looking", so I said "Um, thanks" He then wanted to shake my hand, so I did, but had to extricate myself when he didn't want to let go. Since the "smile and nod" approach was just encouraging him, I just ignored him after that. He said that he liked me as a person, and that I had a nice bum?! Oh well, guess that means the diet is working :) Very odd... Anyway, he wandered off after a minute or two.

There have been some random discussions round ICSF lately about people going pimping to earn money for new motherboards. So, as a pre-emptive clarification, I'm not volunteering my services for anything :)

Another tube strike tomorrow, but it won't affect me - the only class I have is a Java tutorial, which I can't be bothered to attend. The one today took about two hours to go through a two page example of point/rectangle classes, and apparently we have an hour tomorrow morning on strings and arrays. I think I can pick this up from a book/webpage a lot faster than I'd learn it there, so it's not worth it (particularly with the travel overhead).

On a brighter note, Cruiser (cat) is definitely getting used to me - I think my patience is paying off. Well, that, and being a reliable source of food :) When I opened the door earlier, he wandered over to the bowls, and hung around when I put in food, rather than retreating until I'd gone. He hasn't got to the extreme of shoving his head in the way when I'm trying to put food in (like some cats I can think of), but I can live with that! He also stayed there to eat while I sat next to the door (about 1-2 feet away), which was encouraging. I haven't introduced the basket yet; I'll take this one step at a time.
Tags: cat, computers, diet, postgrad

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