John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Snow day

As many people have noticed, it's snowing today. By Durham standards, it's not particularly severe (I remember the river Wear freezing over), but in London it's an excuse for lots of people to have a day off. There are no buses running, so I walked to the railway station (in my wellies) and found that there are no trains either, so I came back home. As the radio DJ said earlier: "Adverse weather conditions if you need to go to work. Super weather conditions if you're staying at home!" The local FatBoys restaurant has two snowmen outside the front door, which amused me. Actually, the main thing I've noticed is how peaceful it is: there's very little traffic, and lots of people are staying indoors, so it's nice and quiet.

Anyway, this is a good excuse to use my fireplace. I lit it last night, and it keeps that part of the room quite warm; Phoebe (hamster) was more active than usual, so she seemed to appreciate it!
Tags: snow

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