John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Scaleo: end of the road

Back in October 2007, I bought a Scaleo EVI2535. In Feb 2008, I mentioned that I was having a lot of trouble with it. In the last year, I haven't used it much; several months ago, I tried to install some upgrades from Windows Update but it got stuck half-way through, so I tried to reboot it, and it hasn't worked since. The current status is that it has power, but nothing appears on the screen (TV or monitor). Since I have to hold down the power button for several seconds before it turns off, I think this means that it's hanging at startup. I've used the motherboard jumper to clear the CMOS settings, but that didn't help. In theory, I could figure out what the problem is by taking it completely apart and then swapping components around. However, this could be expensive; for instance, it uses half-height cards, so the graphics card from my desktop PC won't fit in there. The most likely solution is to buy a new BIOS chip (as per this forum post for a different Scaleo model), but there's still no guarantee of success there.

Anyway, I've now had enough. I was planning to use the recovery CD to restore it to factory settings, then stick it on Ebay (starting price of £1 + postage), but that's not really practical in it's current state. Instead, I'm going to write this off as an expensive mistake, and treat it as a sunk cost. My new priority is simply to get rid of the thing, so that it's not taking up space.

So, I'm now offering this free of charge to anyone who wants it. (Full spec.) If you're interested, let me know; if not then I'll stick it on Freecycle, and if nobody bites there then I'll just take it to the recycling depot.
Tags: computers, decluttering

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