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There's a nice article on the BBC website: Thai 'Spider-Man' to the rescue. Alternate headline (the link from the main page): "Boy rescued from window-ledge by Thai 'Spider-Man'".

Looking at the photo, and reading the article, I had mixed reactions:

1) Wow, that's pretty cool - someone wearing the costume and living up to the ideals (unlike "Fathers 4 Justice").

2) Ah, I see, it was a fireman rather than a random member of the public. That's ok; it makes sense to have someone with proper training. Apparently he wore the outfit because the boy's teacher mentioned that it would help.

3) The fireman rushed back to the station, "where he kept a Spider-Man costume in his locker". Dude! Now we're back to the "pretty cool" aspect again; I have a Spider-Man 2099 costume at home, but keeping it at work (just in case) is impressive.

4) "Mr Yoosabai normally uses the costume to liven up fire drills in schools." Ah, ok, that would explain it.

Still, he wore the suit and he did the job, so that's near enough to "real life superhero" for me.
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