John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Yesterday was a day of overhead. Had to get my tutor to sign my course registration sheet (saying which modules I want to do), which was basically a 1 minute job. However, the only time he was available was 5-6pm on Thursday, a day when I don't have any other classes, so I had an hour's cycle ride each way to do that one minute... Back here in the 1800 house, our hot water was still out of action (although it now seems to be working), so I resorted to boiling kettles in order to have a bath (still cold...). Bah. Played Magic in the evening with ICSF, which was fun.

Today has been more productive. Had another session of Algorithmic Graph Theory, which is definitely the most interesting module of the course so far. We're moving relatively slowly at the moment, so I'm pretty confident about the exams. To clarify that, we're mainly working out of the book that the professor wrote, and after two weeks (out of twelve), we're still on chapter 1. So, if I read the entire thing, getting 70% (for the Distinction) should be easy. Today one of the other guys in the class was complaining about the idea of having to write a proof using sentences in English (rather than formulae) - the mind boggles... Still, if that's my competition, I can relax :) I mean, honestly, this whole postgrad thing is a piece of piss so far (no offense to any of my friends). When I got home, I cleaned out all the fuzzy stuff from the fridge - time-consuming, but it looks a lot better now. Slumped in front of the TV afterwards - watched "Runaway Bride" (entertaining, although not as good as "Pretty Woman"), and "Friends"/"Will and Grace".

More generally, I'm getting back into the whole cycling thing, although the bicycle seat is significantly less comfortable than the one on my motorbike. My theory is that each time you use a different form of transportation (e.g. driving, cycling), it makes you better at the rest of them. Or at least it does in my case. For instance, one major difference between a motorbike and a bicycle is that a bicycle doesn't have rear view mirrors. As a result, I spend a lot more time looking over my shoulder than the average cyclist, in order to stay aware of the traffic around me.

Tomorrow we're having our house-warming party, so hopefully that will all go well. I picked up Star Munchkin earlier, so maybe we'll have a chance to try that out.
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