John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Sunday was fairly quiet - did some tidying up after the party, and generally lazed around.

Monday: Got a new graphics card delivered (GeForce 4 Ti4200), which is now up and running in my machine, so I can finally see the video intro for Civ3 :) That means I now have a 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 (16 Mb) up for grabs, if anyone wants it - free to a good home, first come first served. While I was sorting that out, had a visit from a couple of missionaries (from the Church of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ) - I told them that I wasn't interested, and got rid of them quite quickly. I'm getting the hang of this whole "saying no to people thing" now...

Today (Tuesday): Started my fourth module of the MSc course. Quite mathematical - there's some stuff there that I haven't done since the first year of my Maths degree in Durham. There's certainly a lot of overlap between three of the modules I'm taking, which is quite useful. In the evening, went off to see "Minority Report" at ICU cinema, which I enjoyed. I missed the ICSF trip to see that last term, because I was working late - another benefit of my course is that I now have my evenings free to do stuff like this. An unusual choice of adverts before the film - they seem to think that the average student is going to get an Amex card, and use it to buy a 600 pound sofa and a car...
Tags: computers, films, postgrad, religion

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