John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Been another good day today. Managed to drag myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 9:15am, to get my bicycle serviced :) Mind you, Bubbles (cat) strolled in through the front door behind me as I took the bike out, which isn't helping our cause...

Some more interesting lectures today in college (graph theory). We had our first tutorial group for that today, which didn't last very long as none of us had any particular questions to raise. I was impressed that Paul (the research assistant) remembered me from the induction day a few weeks ago; we were chatting at the start, and he said "Oh, this must be fairly easy for you if you did similar stuff in your undergrad degree". So, making myself known to the staff is a good thing :) On a similar note, when I went to the lecture on Tuesday, there were about 100 of us in the class, but only about 5 of us answering questions (aside from a few "general aye" answers), and I did about half of those answers. This should all come in useful if/when I apply for a PhD in the department. The only minor dilemma I have at the moment is whether it counts as cheating if I know an answer because I've read ahead in the textbook, rather than because I've figured it out on the fly. That hasn't been an issue yet, but it may be soon (as I get more enthusiastic about the reading).

Did my weekly comics run earlier (new issue of "Fables", yay), and also picked up a couple of the new Onslaught booster packs (for Magic). Some interesting cards there, although none of them leapt out at me as being relevant to my existing decks. I'll have another look at them tomorrow.

Bob and Alan came round for dinner this evening, and that was fun - been a while since I've laughed that much. Although slightly unfortunate that it seemed to trigger hiccups sporadically...

And I'm now about to do my TV listings for the forthcoming week. There's a copy on the ICSF website, for anyone who's interested.
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