John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

We're cat-sitting here at the moment, so Purdy arrived on Saturday (he's here for a week). Not the most graceful of creatures, admittedly (I watched him slide off the back of the TV), but he's certainly more affectionate than Cruiser, which makes a nice change. Mind you, he did get a bit territorial and chase Cruiser out of the garden, which was slightly unfortunate. Still, Cruiser's come back for food since then, so as long as I keep a closed door between them, they seem to be fine.

Meanwhile, I've been watching the first series of "Jeeves and Wooster" on DVD. It's been about 15 years since it was shown on ITV, but it's still just as funny as I remember it. It really is a splendid series (and the type of program that makes me use words like "splendid"...) - full of characters with names like "Gussy Finknottle". Interesting thing on the commentary: the guy said "If you like this, the books are even better", which I haven't heard from the makers of TV shows before.

Lectures are getting a bit more challenging now. By that, I mean that rather than "stuff that's blatantly obvious", it's "stuff that I did in my undergrad degree, but my memory's a bit hazy on". So, interesting, but easy, which is a good combination :) Mind you, I do see "ivory tower syndrome" a bit, where the lecturers tend to gloss over details which are critical in the Real World (TM). For instance, when we're considering algorithms, you get terms like O(n), which means that the time it takes is proportional to the number of items you're processing (e.g. the number of items in a list to be sorted). So, if it takes 20 seconds to sort 10 items, and 400 seconds to sort 200 items, then that's O(n). On the other hand, if it takes 2000 seconds to sort 10 items, and 40000 seconds to sort 200 items, then that's still O(n), and from an academic standpoint the two algorithms are equivalent. From a practical standpoint, it makes a big difference! Ah well, if I wind up as a university lecturer then maybe I can offer a slightly different perspective on things...
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