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Yesterday's lecture went well - I was amused when the lecturer announced a change of format for the January exams (we now have to choose 3 questions from 4, rather than 3 out of 5), and a collective groan went up from the room. Personally, it doesn't bother me - I'm working on the basis that I'll learn everything. Had the weekly research seminar this afternoon, and this one was a lot better than last week's, in that I could actually understand it. The overview of this module is a bit unclear, so I was talking to a few of the other students afterwards, and we're going to approach the guy in charge en masse, to see if we can get him to explain what's going on (since he keeps fobbing us off individually).

All in all, this is all quite reassuring. Back when I was working (and being rejected by various universities each year), I always maintained that my 2:2 didn't really reflect my ability. However, there was part of me that wondered if I was just making excuses, and whether the universities were right, i.e. whether I really didn't have what it takes to be a postgrad. Now that I'm on the MSc course, I think the reason I'm finding it easy is that I had to find a place that was willing to take me with my low grades. For instance, I know that not everyone on the course actually did a CompSci undergrad degree. So, the average student is finding the subject matter more difficult, and I would be too if the 2:2 had been what I deserved. So, since I'm finding the course easy, that shows that I do have the ability to do well. And although an MSc from Kings may not be worth as much as the corresponding qualification from Imperial, it should be good enough to get me onto a PhD there (assuming I get a distinction).

And I got my delivery from Amazon today (Buffy CD, DS9 novels, Transformers comic), so I'm a happy bunny :)
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