John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Went over to the ICSF library on Thursday evening for the weekly Magic games - went well, and my dwarf/minion deck is behaving better now. My Atog deck needs more work though - I keep losing within about 2 minutes whenever I try it.

Bumped into whats-her-name again yesterday, outside Gosh!. (Brushed her off again.) Looking back, there seems to be a pattern emerging - every time I've seen her, it's been about 3pm on a Friday, in the same spot. Maybe worth taking a camera along with me next week (so I can post a picture and show people who to avoid), although I suspect she wouldn't be too enthusiastic about it...

Purdy has now departed - shame to see him go, but it was fun having him around for the week. Now to revert to Cat Plan A (Cruiser)... Actually, when I was feeding Cruiser the other day, he seemed a bit more comfortable with me, in that he kept his face in the food bowl while I put down his milk (normally he retreats until I've stopped moving around). The only catch was that I was using one hand to keep Purdy in the kitchen, my other hand to put down the second bowl, my foot to do the door...

I decided to skip the ICSF bookcrawl today, since I've got enough books to keep me busy for a while. So, I've got the house to myself at the moment, and I'm catching up on some admin stuff (e.g. my accounts). Not riveting stuff, but needs to be done.
Tags: books, cat, games, scam

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