John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Well, been a pretty good few days. Easy week at college - the Tuesday class was cancelled, and there wasn't a seminar on Wednesday (we get them most weeks, but not every week), and Thursday is always clear, so I only had college on Monday and Friday. I also hear that we have a reading week coming up - the idea is to have no classes at all for that week, so that we can just catch up on reading textbooks etc. Interesting thing on Friday (graph theory) - the book mentioned Kirchoff's laws. This is something I learned about in my Physics A level last year, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the course had some practical benefit after all. (It was interesting, so I don't regret it at all, but the main reason I did it was to help me with my undergrad backup plan, which never became necessary.)

Magic on Thursday was a bit disappointing - we've got some new players, with really annoying decks. That's the second week in a row that they've made the game really tedious, so I left early this week - I think I may avoid playing with them in future.

Went off to Brighton yesterday, since cubbasket missed the ICSF trip in the summer, and that was fun. We spent ages in the Magic shop there, and I've got quite a few new cards for my collection - I'm trying to assemble a "luck deck" at the moment (based on coin flips).

Looking ahead to this week, I'm slightly concerned about Thursday night, i.e. Halloween. The current plan is to have a sealed deck Magic tournament in the library, which means that the house here will be empty, with my motorbike in the driveway. So, if kids come round trick or treating, and we don't answer the door, they may take reprisals by damaging the bike, or shoving fireworks through the front door or something. A friend of mine had her car damaged that way a couple of years ago, and the kids have been playing with fireworks in the street outside all week, so it seems plausible. Just after I moved in here, I had a couple of kids asking for sponsorship - I said no, because I was busy unloading the van etc. at the time. I didn't ask for details, but the last time that happened was when I lived in the Docklands. I asked the child concerned to elaborate, e.g. what activity are they doing, what's in aid of, do they have a form. They just said "No, you give us some money, and we'll give it to our school". I think not... I could move my bike somewhere else, except that it's not ensured at the moment, so I shouldn't really be driving it around on the roads. The Police have brought out a poster which you can put up outside, but I'm dubious about how well it would deter trouble-makers. Maybe worth hanging around here for the evening, to keep an eye on things. In fairness, I used to go trick-or-treating myself when I was younger (i.e. at primary school), but only to people I knew (houses where other kids lived), and I made an effort with a costume, and never played any tricks in response. So, I don't mind giving out sweets to people who do the same this year; I just don't like teenagers who say "We don't want food - give us money or we egg your house".
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