John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Friday went well - did my normal routine of midday lecture followed by "all you can eat for a fiver" buffet at Pizza Hut. Slight deviation from the norm this week: we had a fire alarm in the middle of the lecture. When I first heard the bell, I thought it was someone's mobile, but then I recognised it. We all sat there looking at the professor, and he looked out of the door to see if anyone else was moving. When he saw that they were, he said "Well, we all know that it's a false alarm, but I suppose we have to evacuate anyway..." That meant that the lifts were out of action, so we had to use the stairs. I always do anyway, but they were a lot more crowded than usual, and it took me five minutes to go up two floors to ground level (spent most of that time standing still). Nobody was in any danger of panicking, but I'm not sure how well the system would work in a real emergency.

This weekend, I have mostly been doing laundry, since it got to the point where my basket wouldn't close, and I was running low on stuff to wear. After two machine loads yesterday, and another two today (and numerous trips up and downstairs), it's all done now. The only dirty clothes left are what I'm wearing - I did think about taking the "Levi's advert" approach, but I suspected that my flatmates might not entirely appreciate that :) I've also read the new Dilbert book ("Way of the Weasel") and finished the latest DS9 novel ("Mission Gamma #3"). One amusing scene in the latter was a Jem'Hadar vs Aliens battle - it wasn't said explicitly (probably due to copyright issues), but it was obvious if you read the text closely. A bit like the aliens in "Mindwalker" being ET's species...

This week should be fairly quiet - got one lecture tomorrow (and handing in my first piece of coursework), and a research seminar on Wednesday, but nothing else for the rest of the week. This is because it's a "Reading Week" - we didn't have them at Durham, but it's an interesting idea. As always, the idea is to actually do work rather than just laze around, but it saves me travelling time, which is good.

I am planning to broaden my social horizons a bit - after talking to kukumavka, I'm going to try out ballroom dancing. I used to dance a bit (ballet/tap/modern at primary school, musicals at secondary school), but I've never tried ballroom before, so it should be interesting. I knew people who did this in Durham, but I gather that it was very much a "couples' activity" there, i.e. bring your own partner, which doesn't apply at Imperial.
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