John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
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MSN news

My homepage in Internet Explorer is MSN, mainly because that was the default and I haven't got round to changing it. I do sometimes click on their links, but I'm not overly impressed by their quality. Here are a couple of examples.

* Burke won't read Twilight novels: I haven't read the books or seen the films, so when I read the article I was surprised at how young the actor looked (since he plays "the dad"). I then looked a bit closer at the text under the photo: "Novels behind the Robert Pattinson (pictured) films weren't read by Billy Burke". So, they've illustrated the article with a photo of a completely different person, presumably because they think that people would rather look at Pattinson.

* 25 sentenced over 'cash for crash': The article describes the details of the crime, but doesn't actually include the sentence! By contrast, the Liverpool Echo provides a bit more detail.
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