John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

The triumphant return

Yup, I'm back :)

My PC is now up and running again, after a kind loan of a graphics card - Dabs collected mine today, so I should get that returned (fixed) within a month...

Been a pretty good week, all in all - I've had the opportunity to catch up on some reading, when I haven't been able to sit in front of the PC all day. I've also been able to spend an entire evening in front of the TV, investigating all the various Sky channels! Speaking of TV, we've now got the "Fellowship of the Ring" extended DVD here, so we've been watching that over the last couple of days. 6 hours last night, and another 2-3 hours tonight, and we still haven't finished all the disks...

College is still clocking along nicely. I think I'm now getting myself known to the lecturers (in a good way), which should be useful in the future. E.g. today I asked the lecturer a question about a mismatch between the description in the text and the actual implementation provided. She then came over to discuss it with me while the rest of the class took a 10 minute break, and we tried to figure it out by reading ahead in the book.

Went along to a Magic trading session on Wednesday (organised by cubbasket), which was fun, and was a cheap way to build my decks. I've now got the luck deck and Atog deck operational, which is good. I haven't actually won with either of them yet, but I am at least surviving for a reasonable period of time.

Went off to ballroom dancing again last Thursday. This went very well, partly due to the gender mismatch. Possibly due to various strikes, there were 4 boys and 8 girls there at the start, so even though I'm not the world's greatest dancer, this meant that I was highly in demand :) I have to say, it did wonders for my confidence when I asked girls to dance and they said 'yes'. In fact, one girl said "That would be lovely", and a couple of others approached me when the time came to swap partners. So, I'm looking forward to going along again this week.

On Friday, went round to Peter and Jakob's place for dinner, which was good - Jakob made a very nice veggie lasagne.

Fairly lazy weekend, the main events being resurrecting my PC, playing Magic, and watching LotR (see above).
Tags: computers, dancing, films, food, games, postgrad, tv

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