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Choose your own adventure

After last week's post, I had a fairly productive weekend, getting rid of a lot of old books via Freecycle. I've now been able to completely empty one bookcase (by shuffling books around to fill gaps), although sadly it means that I don't have the same logical sequence as before (e.g. all computer textbooks in one place). Ah well, no matter. As usual, I apologised for the mess when people came around, and one person said "That's ok, we're in the middle of decorating too." Um, yes, decorating, that's what I'm doing :) I had arranged for someone else to take the bookcase away yesterday, but they've delayed that due to the torrential rain.

On a separate topic, I used to read "Choose your own adventure" books when I was little. Admittedly, I cheated a bit by using my fingers as bookmarks, so that I could go back and choose a different adventure if the first attempt involved dying painfully. Anyway, I've come across a couple of websites doing newer versions of that.

Firstly, the webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del. So far there have been three of these stories: Idiots in Space, Mesocron of Knowledge, and Planet of Doom. That third one is currently in progress, so you can join in with it. The basic idea is that it's a collective decision: everyone reading the comic can vote by email, and then the guy who does the webcomic will draw the next page based on whichever option gets the most votes. (We can't go back later and choose a different option, because the other pages don't exist!) I didn't vote in the previous stories, but I've been taking part in this one, and all of my choices have had the majority vote except for one (which wires to cut), so this is almost the same as having control over it myself.

Secondly, a set of YouTube videos based on delivering pizzas during a zombie apocalypse:

At the end of each video, you click to make a decision, then that shows the appropriate next video. I'm quite pleased that I made it all the way through to the end (successful pizza delivery) on my first attempt, although since I don't live in New Zealand I'm not eligible for their contest. Still fun, though.

And finally, silly joke of the day from Twitter:
"Did you know owls can't have sex in the rain? Apparently it's too wet to woo."
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