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When I was little, I used to watch Dungeons & Dragons (the cartoon), which I enjoyed. A few years ago, the episodes came out on DVD, and they were still fun to watch (as per 2004 blog post). Like many DVDs, some of the episodes contained commentaries. Unlike other DVDs, the people recording the commentaries came from an online forum (rather than being writers/cast/whatever), i.e. they were a bunch of people who are about my age, who also watched the series when it was first shown on TV. During one of the commentaries, it turned out that one of the commenters had been on Knightmare when she was young, so they then all proceeded to ignore the episode for a few minutes while talking about that instead. ("Sidestep to the left!")

Looking back on it now, Knightmare wasn't the best series, but I still have some fond memories. A more grown-up version was The Crystal Maze, and a couple of years ago I discovered that one of my friends took part in that, which I think is very cool. Challenge have recently been repeating the series, so I've now had a chance to watch her episode, and I've put her two games onto YouTube.

Mental game (Industrial Zone):

Despite the clue at the start, I didn't actually figure out what she was supposed to do until about a minute before the end.

Mystery game (Futuristic Zone):

I've played the handheld version of sliding block puzzles a few times, but I've never been very good at them. This one should be a bit easier than usual, since most of the tiles are interchangeable, but it's still tricky, and not really something you can do by committee, particularly if you can't see what the people outside the room are pointing at!

(Sorry about the low volume and small picture; Windows Live Movie Maker may not be the best program to use for this.)

Anyway, I think that Claire did well in both games. She's written a blog post about this, but don't read that until after you've watched the clips.

Watching the repeats, I still enjoy The Crystal Maze. Ignoring the prizes, I think it would be fun just to take part in it, to actually play those games. Although the series has finished, that is still possible (sort of): Chillisauce offer a Crystal Challenge as an activity for a team building exercise, stag/hen night, etc. The snag is that their prices start at £2100 (+ VAT), which is a bit too steep for my budget at the moment! For now, I'll settle for doing a computer game version of the sliding block puzzle.
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