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Back to the Future

Back to the Future has recently been re-released in cinemas, so I went off to the local Vue tonight to watch it. I've seen the film several times before, but this is the first time I've seen it on the big screen, and I enjoyed it.

I think it's fair to say that this film appeals to a certain demographic group: there weren't many of us in the room, but we were all male, and I was probably one of the youngest there. Before the film started, they played the music from Superman and Lord of the Rings, which makes sense! There were no adverts or trailers before the film except for the Orange "turn off your mobile" message, so if you do go to see it then you need to be there promptly.

Vue used to have an arrangement with Nectar, so that you could get a free ticket for X points. That never worked properly, because I always got overcharged, although when I complained they refunded all the points (rather than the difference), so it worked out ok. The new method is that 500 points = £2.50. Also, if you buy a regular/large soft drink with Nectar points, you get a free regular popcorn (still a pretty huge bucket). I've wound up with over 4,500 Nectar points, since I haven't been using them for anything, so I traded 2,000 of them in tonight, and just paid 85p in cash for my ticket/Coke/popcorn. I think that's pretty good value for money! (Apparently the free popcorn offer is running until Christmas.)

The film has been digitally remastered, and I was worried that this might introduce changes (similar to the "Han shot first" controversy in Star Wars). In particular, I wondered whether the Libyan terrorists would be retconned to a different nationality, now that diplomatic relations have improved, but thankfully that didn't happen. On the other hand, they also missed the opportunity to teach the actors how to pronounce "gigawatt" properly.

Some of the scenes have lost their impact due to repeated viewings, e.g. the bit near the start with the amplifier. However, I think the funniest scene involved the litter bin: the gentle "whoomph", followed by Doc Brown's horror. By the end of the film, all the key scenes were as satisfying as ever. There were also some subtle bits that I've missed on previous viewings, but which I paid more attention to this time around (after I'd been told about them), e.g. the sign for the "Twin Pines Mall".

At the end of the film, I sat through the credits; I wasn't expecting anything afterwards (and there wasn't), but I was happy to listen to the music. They had all the usual job titles going past (e.g. "Key Grip"), but then this caught my eye: "DeLorean Time Travel Consultant". How cool would it be to put that on your CV?

On a related note, I strongly recommend watching this video: Back to the Future Theme Song. It's a song done to the tune of the orchestral theme, where all the lyrics are based on the plot of the film. E.g. "You built a time machine out of a car! (DeLorean!)" Very clever, and funny. I also like this Dinosaur Comics strip: Epitath Thursday.

Anyway, now that I've rewatched that film, I think I'll rewatch the two sequels at the weekend.
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