John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Been a fairly quiet couple of days, but I've got a few things done. Caught up on post today - forwarded a bunch of stuff to the previous tenants, along with a letter asking about Cruiser ("Is he yours/do you want him back/what vaccinations does he have?"). Also chased the DSA about a refund for my cancelled motorbike test (sent them the invoice in July, haven't heard anything since), and wrote off to Norwich Union asking for some kind of refund after my four month claim. Don't know if it will do any good, but at least I've tried - then I can renew, and have the bike available for when I journey outside central London. Actually, this LiveJournal came in quite handy there - I was able to dig through it, and get the dates of various events.

Had ballroom dancing again this evening, which went well. Dorothy (teacher) actually said at one point that I was doing well after only a couple of lessons, which was nice to hear. The main issue for me has been remembering the sequence of steps, and tonight she phrased the instructions in a slightly different way, which suddenly made everything "click" in my mind, and meant that I could remember it all. (Basically, rather than having to remember 18 different steps, the last 9 are the mirror image of the first 9.) A more even gender balance tonight (although still slight majority of girls), but after last week I didn't have any trouble finding partners, which was good.

After that, played Magic with ICSF. Lost as usual (I can't remember the last time I actually won with any of my decks), but I had fun. I think my luck deck has potential (although I may need to tweak the mana balance a bit), but it does have the minor downside that I seem to have a terrible run of luck with coin-flips. Ah well...

Back in college tomorrow (after day off today) - only 3 weeks left until the Christmas holidays, then a month off before the exams in January. It's a hard life :)
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