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Good customer service

I've had trouble with a couple of mail order companies recently. I understand that problems will sometimes occur, and that people make mistakes, and as long as it doesn't happen too often then I'm ok with that: what's important is the way that the company handles those situations. I'm happy to report that both companies performed beyond my expectations, so they deserve credit for it.

* LoveFilm

I get two DVDs a month from them, although I don't always get round to watching them soon enough to receive both disks (i.e. I might keep one DVD for an entire month). Last month they sent me a film, but it turned out to have a scratch on it; it wouldn't even load on my DVD player, and I could only watch the first 15 minutes on my PC. I reported this through their website and sent the disk back, ticking the box to say that I'd like another copy. The snag was that I only had a few days left until the end of the month, so I wouldn't be able to get a new copy of that disk and my second (paid for) disk. I wondered whether they'd be willing to add an extra credit to the following month, i.e. let me rent three DVDs in December. However, before I could even ask about that, they came up with a better solution: they sent me two DVDs together, i.e. a replacement for the dodgy one and the next film on my list.

* Robie Robes

As I mentioned in my previous post, I bought one of their robes (towel/toga thing). I ordered it on Wednesday, and paid extra for next day delivery so that I'd be sure to get it in time for the outdoor swimming today (Saturday). As it turned out, I was home all day on Thursday (because all the trains were cancelled), but the robe didn't arrive. I still had a margin of error, so it wouldn't really be a problem if it arrived on Friday instead, but I hoped that they'd be willing to reduce my P&P costs to standard delivery. I sent them a polite email, and just asked whether they could track the order to find out when it would be delivered. It turned out that Royal Mail had suspended their collections in Cornwall (due to the snow), so this wasn't Robie Robes fault at all. However, they refunded my entire postage costs without me even mentioning it, which is more than fair. I missed the delivery on Friday, but I collected the robe at the post office this morning on my way to the swim, so that all worked out nicely.
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