John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Fairly quiet weekend - watched some more "Fellowship of the Ring" stuff on Saturday, then did some more work on my website yesterday.

Had my regular algorithms lecture today. The PhD student who normally teaches the class was away today, so we had a substitute postgrad filling in for her... At this rate, I'll be teaching the class next term! I remember one of the questions on the evaluation forms we filled out last week was "Does the teacher inspire you to learn more about the subject?" In today's case, "Yes", in the sense of "I'll read the textbook later to figure out what he's talking about", but that's not quite the ideal situation. I may be being a bit hard on him - he (sort of) explained the stuff that we need to know for the exam. However, when someone asked him a question that went beyond the core syllabus, he said "You don't need to know that, so that's why I don't know it either". It is a bit annoying when students/staff have that attitude. This is what I like about the Friday classes (graph theory) - the professor (head of department) who teaches that literally wrote the book on the subject (he's teaching from his own textbook), and I saw him at the research seminar last Wednesday, so he knows a lot more about the subject than I do. Sometimes he'll say "You don't need to know this next bit for the exam, but I think it's interesting, so I'll take 10 minutes to explain it", or "You don't need to know the proof of this theorem, but if you're interested then it's in the book".

In the evening, went off to the Star of Belgravia (pub) for the ICSF Christmas dinner. Yes, I know it's still a month until Christmas, but we have to work around term dates... Anyway, cubbasket did a great job of organising that, and we had more than 25 people turning up (enough to fill the upstairs room that we'd booked).

When I got home, had a glance at the extras on the "Scooby Doo" DVD that I picked up today (using a gift voucher that someone gave me for my birthday). Curiously there's no trailer there, but the deleted scenes are quite fun (especially the alternate cartoon intro). I'll probably watch the film itself sometime in the next few days. There's an ICSF trip to see "Die Another Day" tomorrow evening, so I'm not sure whether I'll go to see that yet.

Got my graphics card back from Dabs today - one week's turnaround isn't too bad. They've replaced the fan, and it seems to be running fine now, which is good.
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