John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Much Ado/Doctor Who

5 years ago, I went up to Stratford-upon-Avon to see the RSC perform Much Ado About Nothing. I studied this at A Level (English Literature), and I've seen several different versions, including one that I performed in.

I've just discovered that there's a new version of the play starting in London soon, starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate. If you're familiar with the play, you can probably guess which roles they'll be playing, and based on their interaction in Doctor Who I think it should work well. Just to clarify, this play is a comedy; I never managed to motivate myself to watch Tennant in Hamlet.

So, I certainly intend to go along; would anyone like to join me? More info here. There are various dates that I can't do because of prior commitments (e.g. LEJOG and SJA). However, that still leaves lots of other dates that I can do. So, let me know if you're interested, and we can compare calendars.
Tags: dr who, theatre

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