John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Been a pretty good day today, although quite tiring...

Did some coursework this morning (coming along nicely), then got a few Jump5 CDs from Amazon, so spent the afternoon ripping them into mp3 format, and typing in the lyrics.

Went off to ballroom dancing this evening - I'm definitely getting the hang of the waltz steps now (although I need to work on my technique a bit), and I'm getting better at recognising people from previous weeks. Olivia (one of the girls there) apparently saw me in the supermarket the other day, but she couldn't remember where she recognised me from, and neither of us could remember the other person's name, so I don't think we would have got very far if she'd wandered over to say "hi" :) Amy (another girl from the class) then persuaded me to stay on for the Silver class afterwards, which turned out to be a mistake - it's a bit too advanced for me. Ah well, live and learn - I had fun, and hopefully the teacher isn't too annoyed with me. (And yes, there are some other boys in the class, but I don't have much contact with them, since I don't dance with them).

After that, went over to the ICSF library for Magic, but with my impeccable timing I arrived just as they were leaving. They went out for dinner, but the place they went to didn't have much of a veggie selection, so I came home and flopped in front of "Charmed" for an hour (having been on my feet for the previous 3 hours).
Tags: dancing, games, music, tv

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