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Thoughts on failure - John C. Kirk

Jun. 1st, 2011

12:15 am - Thoughts on failure

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Date:June 1st, 2011 05:05 pm (UTC)


Sorry again try hear about your bike. Try to look on the positives - you covered some serious millage (even by a fit fire-fighter's standard),you've lost body fat (presumably you've gained muscle), and have seen some sights!

Re insurance - a lot of the home policies referred to on your Facebook up your premiums, don't cover expensive items (or away from home), and ruin your home policy if you claim. I'm guessing you saved £100 p/y for the last 5+ years you've been in that flat so 1 lost is actually not too bad.

I think you should do the ride or a similar one again, and I'm sure you can. I regularly cycle to near Gatwick (about 26km) and sometimes back in same day, so I'm sure the full work trip is achievable for someone who can do Lands End to Manchester! Eat and drink some carbs before and after, and remember to freshen up at work!

I'm sure on a second hand bike for £100+ (or new for £300+) you could do this - I've been looking on Ebay and there's some good deals about. A bike for a few hundred is not too much of a lose if it gets stolen, scratched, etc. You can keep it in my garage if you like and access it when you please.

See you soon. Liam
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