John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Friday went well - I cycled into college (which I haven't done for a while), and had an interesting lecture on graph theory. Then carried on with my coursework in the evening, which led to a big discussion about vector algebra on IRC. Thanks to all who helped there, especially overconvergent - it's useful to know someone with a PhD in Maths :) Anyway, that coursework is now finished, so I'll hand it in tomorrow (two weeks ahead of the deadline).

Yesterday, spent a while updating the TV list for ICSF, which I've now enhanced a bit. It took a bit longer than I'd expected to figure out which season each episode was from, but it should be quicker next week.

Finished reading "Cryptonomicon" last night, which has lasted me a good few weeks (about 900 pages long). Quite interesting, and I'd like to learn a bit more about cryptography. There is a module on that next term, but it's not one of the ones I'm registered for. I emailed my tutor today, to see what the situation is on that, i.e. whether I'm allowed to gatecrash other courses.

After that, read the latest DS9 novel (Mission Gamma #4), which kept me up until 4am (oops). This was much lighter reading than "Cryptonomicon", but it almost went too quickly - a relatively thin book, with relatively large print. Ah well, it was a good story, except for the scene that portrayed Kira as a complete moron.

"Cryptonomicon" includes a Solitaire code, as described here, so I've been trying that out today. It's fairly straightforward, and I can now encrypt/decrypt messages with just a pack of cards (i.e. not needing to look at the instructions). A bit slow though...
Tags: books, cycling, postgrad, tv

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