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Back in June 2008, I looked at some book review websites. My basic goal was "the equivalent of Flixter for books". Unfortunately, none of the websites that I tried really fitted the bill. More recently, I've been looking at Goodreads, and that seems a lot better.

Going through my original wishlist of features:

BookRabbitAmazonLibraryThingVisual BookshelfGoodreads
Notifications on Facebook?Don't knowNoNoYes (but spams)Yes
Reviews available outside Facebook?YesYesYesNoYes
Friends' reviews given priority?Don't knowNoNoNoYes
All editions treated as single book?YesNoYesNoNo
Tracks what I've read rather than what I own?NoYesNoNot exactlyYes
Total score22214

(BookRabbit had such a horrible interface that I never registered, so I'm not sure about all of its functionality.)

So, Goodreads looks pretty good. The only grey area is editions, but it merges the reviews together, so that's not too bad. It's not perfect, but it's good enough that I'm using it as my primary place to review books, so I won't be doing "Recently read" summaries here anymore. I'll only post blog posts about books if I want to talk about something in great depth.

My account is here:

Here are the books I've read recently (the best possible score is 5 stars):

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