John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Feel the randomness

Hmm, interesting link that Bob found:

It gives a summary of my recent LiveJournal entries. Well, sort of. It's different each time you reload the page, but on my first attempt I saw comments like:
"the undergrad Thing is away beyond the trousers"

You can substitute in different usernames after the question mark, but it only works for paid accounts/early adopters.

Aside from that, had a fairly quiet few days. No more exams yet, although I had a mock on Friday. There were only 3 of us who actually turned up to it, and the teacher didn't exactly enforce rigorous exam conditions, so it wasn't too stressful. However, it did highlight areas that I need to revise, shall we say :) Next Tuesday's class is cancelled (teachers' strike), so last Friday's class is the last one; just exams after that.

Since I was back at a reasonable time on Friday evening (i.e. 6pm rather than 9pm), I decided to have one of my periodic attempts at "real cooking", as opposed to the "bung something in the oven for 20 minutes" approach that I normally use. On this occasion, I went for macaroni and cheese, since:
a) I know how to cook it, and it's simple
b) Simon wasn't around (he can't eat cheese)

Michael also had an alibi (being out of the country), and Michelle made her own arrangements involving a suspiciously green looking curry, but Lorna agreed to share some - the essays must be draining her will to live :) Seriously, it turned out quite well, so I'll have to try that again sometime.

This was then followed by another four hour Starcraft session (me, Lorna, and Michelle vs 2 computer players). Some games went better than others there - we won 2 and lost 1. Mind you, I say "we"; in the last game, I was almost completely destroyed fairly quickly, so I sat there watching the other two do their stuff. Since then, I've been doing a bit more practice on the single player missions, in the hope that I'll be able to pull my weight a bit more.

Then last night was Eurovision night, so I watched that with Simon and Amelia, which was fun. It was quite impressive that the final vote decided the winner - haven't seen that before. Also, since Amelia's Spanish, she was tempted to vote for them from here :)

Aside from that, I'm mainly trying to sort out admin stuff here - filing my Physics notes, checking off receipts against bank statements, etc. Still waiting on the transcript from Durham - they've paid in the cheque I sent them, so I should get it sometime in the next few days.
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