John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Went into college earlier, for the regular Tuesday data structures class. Like yesterday, this wasn't hugely informative - it was about basic graph theory, which is a subject I've been doing on Fridays for the last couple of months, so none of it was new to me. Still, I was able to correct Vladimir on a couple of mistakes. Also, like yesterday's class, he then said that we've covered everything, even though there's stuff in the handbook that we haven't done yet. The subject of coursework then came up - he said that he'd spoken to Dr Steve (the guy who's supposed to be teaching the class), to see when we'd get the marks back for the first piece of coursework, and been told "all in good time". This is the one that we handed in a month ago, so this seemed a bit silly, especially since we need to know whether we've passed/failed before the exam comes up. One of the other students (who's been quite vocal about this in class) said that maybe we should email him (Steve) instead, which sounded like a good idea to me, so I did that after the class - basically nagged him, and said "Do you have a date when we'll get the marks back?" He replied - it turns out that he's had a recent death in the family, which would explain why the coursework marks have been delayed, and why we've had Vladimir teaching the class. Crap. That puts things in perspective, so I now feel like an arsehole for pestering him. Anyway, I emailed him back to express my sympathies, and apologise for my email. He's said that we will get the marks back by next Friday, so that will give me time to relax/appeal over the vacation.

In the evening, went to ballroom dancing. I normally go on Thursdays, but they have beginners' team practice on Tuesdays, which is also open to people who aren't on the team. I was a bit nervous about it, after I messed up last Thursday, and almost overstepped my bounds with lectures. However, Dorothy (teacher) said last time that it was ok for me to come along today, so I made the effort, and I had fun. Mind you, I need to go over a few of the steps before next class, to make sure I can remember them all properly, and I'm still having trouble with corners...
Tags: dancing, postgrad

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