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Take my Stuff ... please!

In my ongoing battle against Stuff, I'm having another clear-out. If you'd like any of these items, you're welcome to them (free of charge). If you then want to sell them on eBay then go for it: I just want to get rid of them without faffing around. More info available on request, and I may take photos of some of these tomorrow before I advertise them on Freegle (nee Freecycle). If you gave me any of these items as a gift, please don't be offended that I'm now trying to get rid of them.

In no particular order:

* Printer paper stand. I used to have it underneath my inkjet printer but it won't support the weight of my laser printer.

* Remote control for Creative Audigy 2 Platinum Ex (more specifically, this remote goes with the external box that plugged into the soundcard).

* 3 x golf clubs. (7 iron, wedge, putter.)

* Tennis racket + 6 tennis balls.

* Chin-up bar.

* 2 x bucket/spade (for beach).

* LS-120 drive. (The concept was to have a 120 Mb floppy disk, where the drive was backwards compatible with the standard 3.5" 1.44 Mb disks. It never took off, and it's tiny compared to modern USB sticks. Basically it's a 3.5" floppy drive that uses an IDE hard drive cable.)

* Plastic covers (from Big Yellow).
** 1 x single mattress (opened).
** 1 x double mattress (opened).
** 1 x sofa (sealed).
** 7 x chair (sealed).

* Kodak DC5000 digital camera. 2.1 megapixels! The battery compartment is damaged, so you need to hold it closed with your finger or repair it (possibly with a "splint"?). Comes with manual, USB cable, and charger.

* Old Brompton pannier (as described here). Someone could repair this by getting a new frame (part #QFCFA), which costs £20:
I haven't actually tried, but I assume that you just undo the velcro straps on the bottom and then slot in a new frame.

* 2 x old Brompton tyres.

* Alcatel SpeedTouch 510 ADSL modem (including, power adapter and microfilter). Doesn't support ADSL2+ or ADSLMax, but fine for basic ADSL (up to 8 Mbit/sec).

* Several padded envelopes, various sizes.

* Cardboard boxes:
** 31cm x 21cm x 17cm. (This has some polystyrene "wotsits" in it, in case they're any use to you.)
** 65cm x 51cm x 37cm. (This contains lots of brown paper, surrounding the third box.)
** 46cm x 45cm x 12cm. (This box contained a 19" LCD monitor and it still has the Styrofoam inserts inside.)
** 52cm x 44cm x 34cm. (Contained laser printer, still has styrofoam inserts.)

** 50cm x 40cm x 8cm (Contained Wacom Intuos3 drawing tablet, still has styrofoam inserts.)

* 4 x steak knives, 1 x matching fork, wooden block that will fit 6 knives.

* Motorola phone charger (micro-USB connector).

* Bed frame. Double bed, pine, slatted, low footer.
(Mattress also available if you want it, but it's probably only useful for getting rid of unwanted houseguests.)

* 2 x Supersoaker MDS and 2 x water pistols. (The "high concept" was that you could shoot around corners.)

* Spider-Man Web Blaster. (Basically a webshooter that fires silly string.)

* 2 x Polar WearLink+ chest strap, 1 x Polar WearLink+ Coded.
These measure your heart rate by sending data to a compatible Polar watch.
NB Not WIND, so these aren't compatible with the RS800cx, which I only figured out after I'd opened the packaging.

* Various action figures.
** Spider-Man with gargoyle. (See YouTube video.)
** Green Goblin with glider (from recent movie).
** 2 x Spider-Man, 1 x Hobgoblin, 1 x Chameleon (smaller figures from 1990s animated series).
** Action Man (with parachute) & Dr X (?). Parachute no longer attached, but you can probably stick it on somehow.
** Scooby Doo.
** Ghost.

* 3.5m coax lead (e.g. to connect TV to VCR).

* Torch (15cm long).

* Fake leather jacket. Pretty scruffy now, after a couple of falls on the motorbike, but it might be ok for a costume in a play.

* Wildlife Fact File. One of those things where you subscribe and they send you new fact cards to insert into the folder each month. I've only got the free starter bits, so it's incomplete.

* Sleep mask.

I'll post another list soon, once I've sorted out my books/comics.

Edit: I'm crossing out any items that people request and I've added some photos (click the links).
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