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Milky bars Comic books are on me!

I'm having another clear-out, so all these comics are free to a good home. If you'd like any of these, just squeak. Some of them are very good, and I'm only getting rid of them because I've bought a replacement copy in better condition. Others aren't quite so good, but I assume that someone liked them...


  • Annihilation book 2

  • Avengers Masterworks vol 1

  • Avengers: Time and Time Again

  • Avengers: The Kree-Skrull War

  • Avengers: The Serpent Crown

  • Avengers: The Korvac Saga

  • Avengers: Under Siege

  • Avengers: Operation Galactic Storm vol 1-2

  • Avengers: The Initiative vols 1 & 3

  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (most of the pages are loose)

  • Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again

  • Batman & Captain America

  • Bullet Points (JMS)

  • Civil War: The Road to Civil War

  • Civil War: Front Line vol 1-2

  • Daredevil/Batman: Eye for an eye

  • Essential Tomb of Dracula vol 1

  • Fantastic Four: The Fourth Voyage of Sinbad

  • Fantastic Four (JMS)

  • Civil War: Fantastic Four (JMS)

  • Ultimate Fantastic Four vol 1-7 (includes first appearance of the Marvel Zombies)

  • Hellsing vol 1 (manga)

  • The Power of Iron Man (aka "Demon in a bottle", the alcoholism story)

  • Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolff

  • The Amazing Spider-Man: Sins Past (JMS)

  • The Amazing Spider-Man: Skin Deep (JMS)

  • The Amazing Spider-Man: New Avengers (JMS)

  • Civil War: The Amazing Spider-Man (JMS)

  • The Spectacular Spider-Man: Sins Remembered

Loose issues:

  • 300 #1-5 (complete set - the comic that inspired the film)

  • Agent X #1-7, 12-15

  • Amazing Fantasy #15 (2006 version, not the 1st appearance of Spider-Man)

  • Captain Marvel (2000) #25

  • Captain Marvel (2002) #1-25

  • Dan Dare #1-7 (the recent Garth Ennis series - complete set)

  • Daredevil (1998) #1-19 (#1-8 by Kevin Smith)

  • Daredevil Saga (2008) #1 (prose to recap the story so far)

  • Dark Reign: Young Avengers #1-5 (complete set)

  • DC Universe #0

  • Deadpool (1997) #11, 21-25, 27, 29-33, 65-69

  • Deadpool/GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular

  • Doom: The Emperor Returns #1-3 (complete set)

  • Double Shot #2 (includes a Simpsons version of the Avengers)

  • Fables #86-93 (equivalent to TPB vol 14)

  • Gotham Central #16-18 (single story)

  • The Incredible Hulk #1, 315, 317-318

  • The Incredible Hulk annuals #10, 16-17

  • The Incredible Hulk: The End

  • The Rampaging Hulk #1-6 (complete set)

  • Justice League: Another Nail #1-3 (complete set)

  • Love Fights #9

  • The Names of Magic #1

  • Bruce Wayne: The Road Home - Oracle #1

  • Power Pack #1-26

  • Powerless #1-4 (6 issue series)

  • The Pulse #1-14 (complete set)

  • The Pulse: Daily Bugle special (a newspaper from the Marvel universe)

  • The Punisher (1998) #1-4 (Complete set. The Punisher becomes an angel. It didn't stick.)

  • She-Hulk #31

  • The Spectacular Spider-Man #134-136 (the sequel to "The Death of Jean DeWolff" - see above)

  • Untold Tales of Spider-Man annual 1996

  • Giant-Size Spider-Woman #1

  • Supergirl (2002) #75-80 (the original Supergirl returns and meets her modern counterpart)

  • The Adventures of Superman #500 (still sealed in polybag - set round about the time he returned from the dead)

  • Superman #712 (Kurt Busiek's Krypto issue)

  • Thor (1998) #1-3, 58

  • The Tick: Big Blue Destiny #1 (doesn't have much in common with the animated series)

  • The Unwritten #13-18 (equivalent to TPB vol 3)

  • The Walking Dead #73-78 (equivalent to TPB vol 13)

  • Wolverine: Firebreak (one-off, written by Mike Carey)

  • X-Factor (current series) #42-50, 200-209

  • Nation X: X-Factor (one-off)

  • The Uncanny X-Men #195 (crossover with Power Pack)

I particularly recommend The Death of Jean DeWolff, although it has 2 pages in the wrong order. My copy is a bit battered because I've read it so many times, and I've now bought the hardback version (which also includes the sequel). Power Pack is also very good, with young children who actually behave like children (rather than small adults). At the other end of the scale, Paul O'Brien said that after he read DC Universe #0 he was tempted to send them an invoice for his time. Daredevil is somewhere in the middle, depending on how much you care about Leapfrog as a character, i.e. if you don't mind the writer crapping over continuity from a great height then you'll probably like the story. (Later stories did some retconning to sort out the inconsistencies.)


A few packets of Spider-Man trading cards (a bit like Top Trumps or Magic: The Gathering but you just look at them rather than playing a game with them).

A poster from the Oatmeal book: "Why I Believe Printers Were Sent From Hell To Make Us Miserable". (I'm keeping the book, I'm just getting rid of the poster.)

Finally, there are a few items left over from my last decluttering post.

Edit: All comics now taken.
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