John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Comment spam

I screen all anonymous comments to this blog so that I can keep the spam under control. I still have to read the junk comments, but at least nobody else does. I've recently noticed an increase in spam, e.g. I've already had 2 today. That's pretty low by email standards, but it's fairly high for LJ, particularly compared to the number of legitimate comments I get.

I've now adjusted my privacy settings to turn on CAPTCHA for anonymous users, and I'll see whether that makes any difference. I realise it's a nuisance for real people who want to comment here, and I am sorry about that. Hopefully it won't affect you if you use OpenID or Facebook authentication.

Are other people noticing a similar increase in spam, or is it just me?
Tags: meta, spam

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