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Free software - John C. Kirk — LiveJournal

Nov. 20th, 2011

12:36 am - Free software

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This post has nothing to do with Linux etc; I'm just having another clear out, so there are various CDs/DVDs up for grabs.

Firstly, a big pile of cover disks. These are from PC Pro (July 2002 to January 2012) and Computer Shopper (November 2002 to March 2010), with a few gaps in the middle from magazines that got lost in the post. I'm not going to itemise the software on each one, because it would take far too long. However, I've taken a photo of the pile (click for high res version) in case you spot anything on the spines that you want. In particular, they were putting TV episodes on cover disks for a couple of years, and those may have aged better than the software utilities.

Cover disks

I also have some old games. Some of these are from my undergrad days (c. 1994), so they're DOS based, and are unlikely to work on newer versions of Windows without a lot of fiddling. There are a few other games that I can't quite bring myself to chuck out, even though I can't play them at the moment, e.g. the original version of "Worms": the later versions (with fancier graphics) never appealed to me as much.

And finally, a copy of Microsoft Autoroute Express from 1995. No version number, so I assume it's v1. I only tried using it once, and gave up when it suggested that heading along Oxford Street would be the quickest route to my destination. Still, maybe of historical interest?