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If you subscribe to the European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology then you'll notice this paper in one of the forthcoming issues:
"TOPS: an internet-based system to prevent healthy subjects from over-volunteering for clinical trials" (M. Boyce, M. Walther, H. Nentwich, J. Kirk, S. Smith and S. Warrington)

If you don't subscribe to the EJCP, you can read it anyway, because it's been published with Open Access:

Springer have offered some citation information:

As an 'Online First' article, your paper is fully citable even before the journal's full issue has been compiled! Your article can be cited by its unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.1007/s00228-012-1231-8 in the following form:
Author, Journal Title, Year, DOI
Later on, after inclusion of your article in the paginated journal issue, please continue to use the DOI alongside the usual citation details in order to enable readers to easily find the article in print and online.

Curiously, that doesn't include the title of the paper itself. Anyway, inspired by susannahf, here's my first CiteULike reference.
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