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I think it's time to replace my TV and DVD player, so my old ones are up for grabs. If anyone wants them then just let me know, otherwise I'll offer them on Freegle.
Edit: Both items are now taken.

The TV is a Toshiba 27WL46: 3 x SCART sockets, no HDMI, 27" diagonal screen. It's an LCD TV, i.e. it's a "flatscreen" rather than a chunky CRT model. (I apologise to any of my BBC friends if I'm horribly misusing the terminology.) The picture quality is fine, and it can display widescreen films without any black bars around the edge, but it won't handle HD (e.g. Blu-Ray). Also, it only has an analog receiver built in, so it won't work with a normal TV aerial after the digital switchover. More specifically, you'll need some kind of external box, e.g. Freeview or Sky, and you can plug your existing aerial or satellite dish into this box.

I normally use headphones to watch TV, so that I don't disturb my neighbours, and the sound is absolutely fine when I do that. However, if I want to use the built-in speakers then I have to crank it up to maximum volume to hear anything. It wasn't always like that, so this may be an easy thing to repair. The on-off switch is also a bit finicky: sometimes when I turn it on, it goes into a pseudo-standby mode (where it ignores the remote control), so I have to turn it off and wait for 10 seconds for the light to stop flashing before I try again. There's a knack to it, so I can normally turn it on at my first attempt, but you will need a bit of practice (or a repair shop).

The DVD player is a Toshiba SD2109. I bought it in Jan 2000, so it's done pretty well and I think I've got my money's worth out of it. It's "chipped" to be multi-region, i.e. I can play DVDs from other countries. It's fine with all the DVDs that I own, but sometimes it gets stuck when I'm watching a rental DVD. I can see that those rental disks are scratched, but they play ok if I put them in my computer's DVD drive so I think that newer technology is a bit more resilient. Also, there's sometimes a brief pause (about a second) in the middle of a film when it swaps between layers.

According to my electricity monitor, the TV uses 123W when it's on and 3W on standby. The DVD player uses 12W when it's on and 2W on standby.
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