John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Fantasy tech

In previous posts, I've described features that I'd like to see implemented in mobile phones:
* Radio/GPS tracking to meet someone in a park (Sep 2005)
* Dual-SIM phone (Sep 2007)

With the growth in smartphones, I suspect that the first option is now feasible. I found an article from 2010 (Finding Your Friends via GPS), which lists various Facebook apps to help with this, but the closest match ("Find My Friend") no longer exists. Has anyone used a similar app?

I recently bought a new TV and Blu-ray player, and these both have ethernet ports in the back so that I can stream online video (e.g. BBC iPlayer). Playing futurologist again, here's something I'd like to see: link a TV program or film to IMDB. That way, if I'm watching TV and I think "Hmm, she looks familiar, where do I know her from?" I could use my remote control like a laser pointer and the TV would pause the film and hop to a bio page. If facial tracking is too difficult at the moment, I'd settle for an equivalent option during the end credits.
Tags: phone, tv

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