John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
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London bucket list

I think it's a bit of a cliche that people who live in a city tend to ignore all the tourist activities. It makes sense, in a way: the tourist is only there for a short time, so they have to cram in as much as possible, whereas the local resident can see those things any time, so there's no particular rush. However, that can lead to indefinite postponement. In my case, I've lived in London for 16 years, and there are several things that I still haven't got round to doing, so I think it's time I started doing them.

With that in mind, here's my "bucket list". If you would like to join me in any of these, let me know; similarly, I'd be interested to hear any suggestions for things I've missed out.

  • Climb the Big Ben clock tower. This is free of charge, but it has to be booked through your MP, and it may take a few months to get a suitable slot.
    Edit: Done on 01-Jul-2013.

  • Visit the Greenwich observatory. I've certainly stood on the Meridian line, but I don't know whether I went inside. That was before I moved to London, anyway, so it's time I went again; it's also a BCQ checkpoint.

  • Visit the Cutty Sark. This reopened in April, and I've seen it from the outside: the glass around the bottom of the ship looks quite impressive.

  • Visit the John Snow pub (site of a famous pump).

  • Cycle around the Jubilee greenway route (60km). Hopefully this is easy to follow without maps, if the plaques are all in place.

  • Go on a Duck Tour.
    Edit: Done on 08-Nov-2014.

  • Watch Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace. I saw it when I was little, but not recently.

  • Go to Marvel Super Heroes 4D at Madame Tussauds. I've been to the waxworks before (which were impressive), but I haven't seen this. Similarly, maybe I should visit the London Dungeon?
    Edit: Visited Madame Tussauds on 10-Nov-2012.

I've been to the theatre several times in London, and seen most of the well-known shows (some better than others). I'd be happy to watch Mamma Mia! and Wicked again, and I've heard that The Lion King is good.

I've definitely been to the Science Museum and the British Museum since I moved to London, although not for several years. I'm sure I went to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs when I was little, but I don't think I've been recently, so any of those might be worth another trip.

Finally, here are a few tourist activities that I have done, and which I'd recommend:

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