John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Hmm, been an interesting (if surreal) couple of days...

We had our Christmas dinner party here yesterday. That went well - we had 20 people here, and it sounds like all the guests enjoyed themselves (I certainly had fun). We got through several bottles of wine between us (3 bags full of glass to be recycled), and had some entertaining conversations. We've done most of the clearing up now, and have enough leftover food to save doing any cooking for the next couple of days :)

And some developments on the feline front, too. On Wednesday, I put some food down for Cruiser, but then Bubbles turned up, he ran away, and she ate it. D'oh! I figured it was simplest to let her eat what she wanted, then I could feed Cruiser later once she'd gone. However, that was the last I saw of him - he hasn't been back to the house since. Bubbles has been hanging around a lot, and I have been feeling a bit sorry for her, since her house is deserted most of the time, so she obviously wants some company. We did wind up letting her in last night, after her persistent (loud!) meow-ing outside the door. Ditto this morning - she came in at about 11am, and hasn't left yet. We then had a visit from the lady who owns Bubbles - she asked whether we'd like to keep her. Turns out that she (neighbour) is away a lot, and in particular will be away for a couple of weeks over Christmas, so she's been thinking about giving Bubbles to the Battersea Cats/Dogs Home. But, she gave us first refusal, since Bubbles clearly likes hanging around our house. She also mentioned that Cruiser has been put down - one of our other neighbours called the RSPCA, since they said he was going very wild. So, that's a shame, but it does solve the conflict. So, we now own Bubbles (as much as that word applies to any cat), which works out quite nicely, since she's affectionate (and will actually come indoors), and we don't have to feel guilty about stealing the neighbour's cat. We've also been given the neighbour's surplus of cat food, so we now have a huge pile under the kitchen table :) Apparently Bubbles is also 15, which surprised me - she's a lot more nimble than Cruiser was. Anyway, we'll see how this works out, and whether we decide to give the cat a slightly more sensible name...
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