John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Well, merry Christmas all.

Had a text message from Eleanor (one of my Durham friends) at 9:40 this morning, saying "It's not too early to start drinking...", so I'm vaguely proud of the fact that I held out until about 5pm. Of course, this is slightly undercut by the fact that I've drunk an entire bottle of white wine on my own :) Well, it's called "Excelsior", so how can I resist the Star Trek/Stan Lee connotations?

I've actually had a fairly traditional Christmas today (thus breaking my own regular habits). Instead of my usual "dig random item out of freezer" approach, I had roast veggie thingy with potatoes and gravy, followed by Christmas pudding. No sprouts, but maybe next year... I've also watched my quota of films on TV. I saw "The Santa Clause" this morning, which was surprisingly entertaining, if you don't mind dubious puns. E.g. "What's that?" (referring to glass globe on a red/white striped stick in the snow) "It's the North Pole" Then this evening I watched "Chicken Run", which was fun too. Great dialogue from that (between two of the chickens):
"I'm from the land of the free and the home of the brave!"
"No, America!"
I also watched "Back to the Future" on video. One thing I'd never noticed before - in the scene near the end, where the police officer asks Doc Brown whether he has a permit for his "weather machine", you then see Marty sticking an envelope in the Doc's pocket. Meanwhile (this is the bit that was new to me), in the background, you see Doc Brown opening up his wallet. So, less of a permit, more of a bribe :)

Aside from this, I haven't got completely square eyes - I've started reading the books I got from Amazon the other day.
Tags: christmas, films, food

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