John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Happy New Year, all.

Last week was fairly quiet, since I pretty much had the house to myself - just one man and his cat... Bubbles is now wandering into my room most mornings - some days I wake up when I hear the door creak, and other days I wake up when I feel her landing on the bed. But it's nice that she's so keen to spend time with me. In fact, I've now been spending more time away from my computer - I'll sit on the bed to read, and Bubbles will curl up in my lap.

So, I've got a fair bit of reading done - one "serious" book, and one collection of comics ("The Essential Ant-Man"). I've also watched far too much TV :)

We now have a full house here, so it's been good to see all my flatmates again.

And I've finished phase 1 of my website's overhaul - it's all in XHTML, and I've got rid of all the dead links that have turned up in the last few years. Future phases include adding content, and using CSS to format it...
Tags: cat, comics, flatmates, new year

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