John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Not much to report in the last couple of days - I've spent some time updating pages on the ICSF website.

Since my last entry, non_trivial has requested my flight yoke/pedals, so that will be two less boxes here :) The joystick is still up for grabs...

On the flipside, here are some items I'm seeking (rather than trying to get rid of). One thing I've been doing for the last few months is looking for "Dan Dare" compilations. Basically, this was a strip that ran in the Eagle back in the 1950s. Round about 1990, they were collected by Hawk Books into 12 big hardback books, costing about 15 quid each. I now have 7 of those 12, but the other 5 are quite hard to get hold of - they tend to sell on Ebay for >= 75 quid each. Annoyingly, I did see a couple of them on sale in a bookshop last year for 7.50 each, but I didn't buy them at the time, and they were gone next time I went back (this is before I realised how much they were worth). Anyway, I'm keeping an eye out on my travels, but the thought occurs to me that other people may encounter them in random bookshops. So, here are the ones I'm missing:

#1: "Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future"
#3: "Operation Saturn"
#8: "The Phantom Fleet"
#9: "Terra Nova Trilogy"
#10: "Project Nimbus"

(See here for the covers).

Anyway, I would be willing to pay up to 20 quid for any of these books, so if you come across any of them, please grab one for me. Don't bother checking with me first (in case I've found it elsewhere) - if I do wind up with a duplicate, I can always sell the redundant one on Ebay :)

Various people have commented recently on New Year's Resolutions. I haven't made any myself, although I don't have anything against them in principle. I just tend to adopt resolutions at various stages during the year, as and when they seem like a good idea, and right now I figure that I'm happy with my life :)
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