John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Fairly quiet weekend, but vaguely productive - I did the new TV list for ICSF on Saturday, then caught up on my accounts yesterday. One thing I've noticed is that since I have so much more time on my hands, I tend to let admin stuff slide a bit, since I don't have the same pressure ("do it now because there won't be time later"), so I had a 4 month backlog, but it's done now. Aided/hampered by the cat sitting in the pile of receipts, acting as a paperweight :)

Speaking of the cat, rather than waking me up in the morning, she now comes into my room shortly after I go to bed, and sleeps on top of the duvet. This took a bit of getting used to (I almost kicked her by accident a few times the first night, when I rolled over in the night), but it's ok now. It's quite flattering that she adores me so much. I spoke to one of our neighbours earlier (the cat's former owner), who said that she has a new baby now, which is why she didn't have lap space for Bubbles anymore (and also didn't want cat hair everywhere). Apparently Bubbles has turned up at their back door a couple of times, but then when they open the door she turns her nose up and comes back here :)

On the motorbike front, I've renewed my insurance (since I got a refund from the company for the long delay), and my AA membership. Unfortunately, my bike got a flat battery from its 3 month idle time, so I got the AA guy out today to recharge it for me. Turned out that (as well as the battery), there was a problem with the starter button - probably corroded terminals. So, he "hotwired" it by taking a panel of the side of the bike, and sticking a pair of screwdrivers onto some exposed wires. Some impressive sparks :) I was completely out of my depth by this point, but I'm glad it worked. So, once it was running, I took it round to Ealing, where the bike shop can repair the button (should be pretty simple/cheap). I just had to be careful not to stall it en-route, since I didn't fancy bump starting it in the middle of rush hour traffic... I'll pick that up either tomorrow or Wednesday. It will certainly be good to be mobile again, if I want to travel outside London (e.g. visiting friends in Buckinghamshire). Once the congestion charge kicks in, it may also make my trip to Kings easier.

Term doesn't start until next week at Kings (when we have our first set of exams), but I've got a couple of revision lectures at the end of this week, so I'll make sure I've got all my reading done by then.
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