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Visiting Valdyrhamr - John C. Kirk — LiveJournal

Jun. 20th, 2013

04:08 am - Visiting Valdyrhamr

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Date:June 21st, 2013 01:53 am (UTC)
Thanks for your comments. Some of it sounds a bit like Spock's logic: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one." I think that makes sense if you treat everyone else equally (and interchangeably?) but it gets more complicated if you value some people more than others.

I haven't played any of the online shooters; the nearest I've come to that was playing Starcraft with my old flatmates across a LAN. However, I suspect that the main difference is the roleplay aspect. If I've been off to the tavern with someone (IC) where they bought me a drink and we sang together, it's going to bother me a bit more if they disappear, whereas I might be less concerned about Sir Fred of Bloggs.

I've discussed this with a few of my faction, and the general concensus seems to be that I should treat this as a good opportunity for character development. I.e. Cedric (my character) should have all the same concerns that I wrote about in the post, and the way he deals with them will help him to diverge from me. That may involve taking stupid risks out of a sense of guilt, or making an effort not to get too attached to people who are likely to die.

I agree with you that games are supposed to be fun, but in a strange way this is fun. Thinking back to the previous event, I took part in a scouting mission with people from a few factions. One of the scouts was discovered, so the rest of us legged it (following our plan), but then we had to go to his faction's campsite and tell them what happened; that was partly to share the information we'd learned, and partly to tell them that their scout was missing. That debrief felt genuinely uncomfortable, because I basically had to tell the general that I'd been hiding in a bush when their scout was captured and I'd done nothing to help him. Also, all the scouts from 2 factions made it out safely, and it was just the scout from this particular faction who went missing, which looked a bit incriminating. I wouldn't exactly say that I enjoyed that at the time, but it was a memorable experience. Maybe it's similar to my cold water swimming: I feel a lot better when it's over.

Mind you, the nice thing about monstering is that I can do things in a different way. At this event, one of the monster slots involved playing a half-rat thing, and we were basically the world's most useless monsters. We were "1 point squishies", and our mission brief was that we'd be more interested in finding something to eat than attacking the enemy (player characters). When they turned up in the field to fight us, we were all lying on the ground because we'd dozed off in the sun for a nap. As you'd expect, we didn't survive for long, but I enjoyed that role while it lasted.

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