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Right, another attempt to tidy up my flat by ditching the stuff I don't need. If anyone would like anything here, just let me know. I've also posted this to my local Freegle group (formerly known as Freecycle). Ideally I'd like to dispose of it all on/before next Saturday (3rd August), but I can be flexible, particularly if I'm going to meet you in person after that.

I've reviewed most of these books over at Goodreads, which may help you to decide whether you'd like to read them. They sent me an email recently to say that I'm in the top 1% of reviewers: that's quite flattering, although I suspect that it's because most people just give a star rating rather than actually typing a review.

* Bedside lamp (pine with lampshade).

* Paperback set of the first 8 "Young Wizards" books by Diane Duane.
Young Wizards books
** "So you want to be a wizard".
** "Deep Wizardry".
** "High Wizardry".
** "A Wizard Abroad".
** "The Wizard's Dilemma".
** "A Wizard Alone".
** "A Wizard's Holiday".
** "Wizards at War".

* Transformers TPBs (paperback reprints of the monthly issues from the 1980s):
Transformers TPBs
** "Beginnings" (#1-6).
** "New Order" (#7-12).
** "Cybertron Redux" (#13-18).
** "Showdown" (#19-24).
** "Treason" (#31-32 & #35-37).
NB There's a gap in the middle of the sequence.

* Paperback set of the "Robin of Sherwood" books. (Novelisations of the TV series from the 1980s.)
Robin of Sherwood novelisations
** "Robin of Sherwood".
** "Robin of Sherwood and the Hounds of Lucifer".
** "Robin of Sherwood: The Hooded Man".
** "Robin of Sherwood: The Time of the Wolf".

* Other paperback books:
Random books
** "Neverwhere" (Neil Gaiman).
** "Those Who Hunt The Night" (Barbara Hambly).
** "Silicon Snake Oil" (Clifford Stoll).

* 5 x "How It Works" books:
How it Works books
** "How Computers Work".
** "How Software Works".
** "How Networks Work".
** "How The Internet Works".
** "How Intranets Work."

(I'd like to keep each set of books together, i.e. give them all to the same person.)

* Bike accessories (left over after an old bike was stolen):
** Cable to lock bike. (You'll need a separate padlock/D-lock.) About 1.5m long. It has a plastic outer layer around a metal core, and part of the plastic has been cut through; the thieves gave up when they got to the metal inside, and chopped through the lock instead, so that's some kind of endorsement for the cable...
Bike cable

** Front and rear Halfords bicycle lights. Approximate size 13cm x 7cm x 5cm. I don't have the fixings that mount on the bike frame.
Bike lights

** Tri-Pro bike computer (to measure speed/distance). The battery went flat a long time ago, so I don't know whether it still works. This used a cable to attach to the corresponding speed sensor (on the bike's front wheel); again, I only have the display unit, not the sensor or cable.
Bike computer

* MP3 player.
This an Inovix iMP-10, with a whopping 256 MB capacity. (That's MB, not GB.)
MP3 player

* Pepsi branded FM radio. (Small handheld thing that you plug headphones into.)
Pepsi radio

* Desktop microphone. (It came bundled with a soundcard, so it's not brilliant, but it works.)

* 6 x teacups, 5 x saucers.
(There are only 3 saucers in the photo, because I'm currently using 2 others as candle holders, but all 5 are available. 1 of the teacups has a small crack.)

* Metal box to hold a DVD case (i.e. an outer shell). It says "Terminator 2" on it, but you could use it to protect another DVD.
T2 DVD case

* Software:
** An old copy of Autoroute Express (c. 1996).
Autoroute Express
** Loads of cover disks from computer magazines.

* Computer parts:
** Cooling fan for a CPU.
** LS-120 drive. (Effectively a floppy drive that plugs into an IDE port. It also takes special 120MB disks, in the unlikely event that you have any!)
LS-120 drive

* Wildlife Fact File.
This is incomplete (just the freebie cards to start the set), but there may be a few things to interest young children.
Wildlife file outside Wildlife file inside

* Various boxes (e.g. from TV, computer, shredder), potentially useful if you're moving house. I can measure them if anyone needs specific details.

* A crate full of padded envelopes, in various sizes. They've been used previously, but could be reused.
Padded envelopes
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