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I'm having another clear-out, to get rid of some of my accumulated clutter. If anyone would like any of these items (free of charge), just let me know; ideally I'm looking for people to collect from my flat in Croydon, but if I'll be seeing you elsewhere then I may be able to bring some bits along with me. I'll put this list on Freegle tomorrow evening (Sun 13th), so I'm giving my friends first dibs.


Joystick (Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback 2).
NB This isn't compatible with Windows 8.1.

Tower case (chassis). This is just an empty box, i.e. you'd need to install your own components to get a working computer. It's quite big, and has space for:

  • 2 x 3.5" bays (I've left a card reader in one of those bays)

  • 3 x 5.25" bays

  • 7 x expansion cards

It doesn't have any USB ports on the case itself, so you'd need to use a drive bay and/or expansion slot to install your own ports.


Polar watch and accessories:

  • RS800cx watch. This worked perfectly, until the screen suddenly garbled. I sent it in for repair, and they replaced the battery free of charge, and the screen looked normal. However, the first time I tried to use it, the same thing happened again. After that, I decided to replace it with a newer model. So, it doesn't currently work, but if you're willing to spend time going back and forth with Polar then it should be possible to repair it.

  • 2 x IrDA USB adapter. (You have to use Infra-red to sync the watch with a computer.)

  • G3 GPS sensor (normally worn around the upper arm).

  • Chest strap and heart rate sensor (WIND).

  • Speed and cadence sensors (WIND). NB You can't replace the batteries in these; once it goes flat, you have to replace the whole sensor. One of the corners has snapped off the cadence sensor (after an over-enthusiastic dog knocked me off my bike), but you should be able to glue it back together.

Rear cassette (i.e. the cog wheels that you use to change gear). There are 10 cogs: the biggest is 36T (36 teeth) and the smallest is 11T. I bought this in Paris after my bike had a catastrophic mechanical failure, but when I got back to the UK I discovered that it won't fit my bike. So, this has never been used.

20" unicycle stand.

Contour helmet cameras:

  • Contour HD

  • Contour +2

  • Spare battery

  • Vented helmet mount

These both support 1080p, and the +2 has a GPS built in. They're in the original packaging with the various accessories, e.g. the +2 has a waterproof case. They both have the same "form factor" (shape/size) so you can swap them around with the same mounts and use the same batteries. You can also use the same memory cards, but you have to re-format them if you move them between cameras.

The snag is that neither of these cameras are currently working, so they will need repair. Contour's policy is that they don't offer a repair service; they think it's cheaper just to replace the camera. I couldn't find anywhere else that would do it, but maybe you'll have more luck than me. Specifically:

  • The Contour HD has an on/off button on the back, but this has gradually deteriorated, so you have to actually open the rear cover and poke something into the internal socket.

  • Both cameras have a mini-USB socket in the back, so that you can charge the battery and copy data off the memory card. A while ago, the socket in the +2 stopped working; it felt as if something was stuck inside, so I couldn't insert the cable all the way. Bizarrely, I've just tested it, and now it seems fine! If the problem re-occurs, you could use the other camera (or an external charger) to charge the battery, and put the memory cards into a separate card reader, although that's a bit of a faff. However, in the intervening time (since the socket originally broke), the rear door has snapped off. If you can cobble together a substitute cover, that would protect the internals from the elements.


This is a mixture of loose issues and paperback collections (TPBs). Just to repeat my standard disclaimer, not all comics are suitable for children; I'll leave it up to the parent to decide.


  • Vol 1 TPB

Astro City

These are all loose issues.

  • "The Dark Age" (16 issues, i.e. #1-4 of books 1-4)

  • Samaritan special

  • Beautie special

  • Astra special #1-2

  • Silver Agent special #1-2

The Avengers

  • "Avengers West Coast: Vision Quest" TPB

  • "Vision and the Scarlet Witch" TPB

  • "Celestial Madonna" TPB

  • Issues #341-342

  • "The Children's Crusade" (Young Avengers) #1-9 and "Fear Itself" tie-in


  • Issue #600

Bloodshot (Acclaim)

  • Issues #1, 7-8

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

These are the first two TPBs from the "Season 8" series:

  • Vol 1: "The long way home"

  • Vol 2: "No future for you"


These are all paperback collections:

  • Vol 9: "Casual day has gone to far"

  • Vol 11: "I'm not anti-business, I'm anti-idiot"

  • Vol 12: "Journey to Cubeville"

  • Vol 15: "Random acts of management"

  • Vol 17: "Excuse me while I wag"

  • Vol 18: "When did ignorance become a point of view?"

  • Vol 19: "Another day in cubicle paradise"

  • Vol 21: "When body language goes bad"

  • Vol 22: "Words you don't want to hear during your annual performance review"

  • Vol 23: "Don't stand where the comet is assumed to strike oil"

  • Vol 25: "The fluorescent light glistens off your head"

  • Vol 26: "Thriving on vague objectives"

  • Vol 28: "Try rebooting yourself"

  • Vol 29: "Positive attitude"

  • Vol 31: "This is the part where you pretend to add value"


  • Issues #108-113

Gotham Central

  • Vol 1: "In the line of duty" TPB

Harbinger (Acclaim)

  • One-off issue


  • Issues #45, 59, 77, 85

Joker: Last Laugh

  • Issues #1-6

  • "Secret Files and Origins"

Justice (New Universe)

  • Issue #1

Major Bummer

  • "The Complete Major Bummer Super Slacktacular" TPB

Marvel Holiday Special

  • Issue from 2005

New Warriors

  • "New Warriors Classic" vol 1-3 TPBs (reprinting issues #1-17)

  • Issues #1-26 (I have 2 copies of #22)

Ninjak (Acclaim)

  • Issues #1-12 (complete set)


  • Vol 1: "Who Killed Retro Girl?" TPB

  • Vol 2: "Roleplay" TPB

  • Vol 3: "Little Deaths" TPB

  • Vol 4: "Supergroup" TPB

  • Vol 5: "Anarchy" TPB

  • Vol 6: "The Sellouts" TPB

  • Issues #1-12 from volume 2


These are all TPBs:

  • "The Dork Ages"

  • Vol 1: "PvP at large"

  • Vol 2: "PvP reloaded"

  • Vol 3: "PvP rides again"

Quantum and Woody (Acclaim)

  • Vol 1: "The Director's Cut" TPB (reprints issues #1-4)

  • Vol 2: "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" TPB (reprints issues #5-8)

  • Vol 3: "Holy S-word -- we're cancelled?!" (reprints issues #9-12)

  • Issues #13-17, 20

  • "The Goat" tie-in issue

Resurrection Man (1997)

  • Issues #1-27, 1000000

Revelations (Acclaim)

  • One-off issue

Robin (1993-2009)

  • Issues #51-52, 54, 58-105, 121-133, 1000000

  • "80 page giant" issue

  • "Year One" issues #1-4 (complete set)

Solar: Man of the Atom (Acclaim)

  • Issues #1-4 (complete set)


  • Issues: Amazing Fantasy #16-18

  • "Spider-Man Visionaries: Kurt Busiek" TPB (reprints "Untold Tales of Spider-Man" #1-8)

  • "Untold Tales of Spider-Man" issues #-1, 9-25

  • "Untold Tales of Spider-Man" annual '97

  • "Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Strange Encounter" graphic novel

  • "Venom returns" TPB

So, that's a complete set of "Untold Tales".
NB Most of these comics are in very good condition, but the covers are loose on a few issues of "Untold Tales", sorry.

Steel (1994-1998)

  • Issue #52

Superboy (1994-2002)

  • Issues #59-64, 75, 91, 99


NB This is the traditional (male) Thor, not the new woman who took over recently.

  • "Essential Thor" vol 1-3 TPBs

  • Issues #411-412

Thunderbolts (1997-2003)

  • Issues #-1, 1-14

  • Annual '97

  • Spider-Man Team-Up issue #7

Doctor Tomorrow (Acclaim)

  • Issues #1-9, 11-12

Turok/Timewalker (Acclaim)

  • Issues #1-2 (complete set)

The Unwritten

  • Issue #31

Wonder Woman

  • Issue #153


  • Issues #212, 217-224, 224.1, 225-234

X-O Manowar (Acclaim)

  • "Operation: Stormbreaker" issue

  • Issues #1-21 (complete set)

Young Justice (1998-2003)

These are all loose issues.

  • #1-55, 1000000 (complete set)

  • "Secret Files and Origins"

  • "80 page giant"

  • "No Man's Land special"

  • "Sins of Youth" #1-2, "Batboy and Robin", "Superman Jr. & Superboy Sr.", "Wonder Girls"

  • "Our Worlds at War"

Edit: All the comics have now been taken.
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