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Comics clearout

I'm having another clearout of old comics, mostly from the 1990s. These are all now available in digital format (either on Marvel Unlimited or Comixology) so I no longer need the paper copies, and they're all going free to a good home. If I've marked something as a complete set then I'd like to keep those issues together, i.e. give them all to the same person.
Edit: These comics are all now taken.

Here's the full list:

  • Damage Control (1989v1) #1-4 (complete set).

  • Damage Control (1989v2) #1-4 (complete set).

  • Damage Control (1991) #1-4 (complete set).

  • Daredevil (1964-1998) #223, 354, -1.

  • Deadpool (1997-2002) #10, 26, 28, 34-46.

  • Baby's First Deadpool Book (1998).

  • Deadpool Team-Up (1998, Deadpool and Widdle Wade).

  • Encyclopaedia Deadpoolica (1998).

  • Deathlok (1990) #1-4.

  • Fantastic Four (1961-1998) #204-214, 319, 356, 373-374, 388-390, 413.

  • Fantastic Four (1998-2012) #9, 25.

  • Hero Squared (2006) #1-2.

  • Heroes Reborn: The Return (1997-1998) #1-4 (complete set).

  • The Incredible Hulk (1962-1999) #142, 294, 312, 322, 328-329.

  • Impulse (1995-2002) #1000000.

  • Inhumans (1998-1999) #3-12 (the Paul Jenkins series).

  • Powerless (2004) #6.

  • Spider-Man (1990-1998) #51-63, Super Special.

  • The Spectacular Spider-Man(1976-1998) #81-82, 146, 217-229, Super Special.

  • Web of Spider-Man (1985-1995) #117-129, Super Special.

  • Spider-Man Unlimited (1993) #7, 9-10.

  • Spider-Man: The Clone Journal (1995).

  • Spider-Man: Funeral for an Octopus (1995) #1-3 (complete set).

  • Spider-Man: The Jackal Files (1995).

  • Spider-Man: The Lost Years (1995) #0-3 (complete set).

  • Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage (1995) Alpha, Omega (the first/last issues of a crossover).

  • Supergirl (1996-2003) #1-80, 1000000, annuals #1-2. (Peter David's series - complete set.)

  • Supergirl plus The Power of Shazam (1997, also by Peter David).

  • Supergirl/Prysm Double-Shot (1998).

  • Venom (1995) Super Special.

  • Wha... Huh? (2005, Marvel's self-parody).

  • What If? (1977-1984) #36. ("What if the Fantastic Four had not gained their super powers?")

  • What If? (1989-1998) #105. (This was a one-off story showing Peter Parker's daughter May as the new Spider-Girl, and then it launched a new ongoing series.)

NB Daredevil #-1 was part of Marvel's "Flashback" month, so it was essentially a prequel.
Similarly, there was a "DC 1 Million" mini-series, and every ongoing series that month had a #1000000 issue as part of the crossover.

This set includes almost all of the Spider-Man clone saga, from the point where Ben Reilly turns up until Peter Parker retires. Gaze in wonder at the embossed hologram covers! However, I no longer have any of the relevant issues from The Amazing Spider-Man (I got rid of them a few years ago), so the ongoing story is essentially missing every 4th chapter, and you'd need to get those issues elsewhere to fill in the gaps. All of the Spider-Man/Venom "Super Specials" make up the "Planet of the Symbiotes" storyline. Again, though, I'm missing the ASM chapter.

NB This is quite a big pile, so if you request any then spare some thought for how you'll carry them home!

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