John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Hmm, apologies for multiple entries yesterday (for anyone up early enough to have seen them). I kept getting messages saying "Cannot contact server - try again later", whenever I tried to submit the entry, so I didn't realise it was storing it every time...

Anyway, today's been fairly productive. Had a revision lecture this morning at Kings, which went much better than yesterday. And the professor recognised me when I arrived, and nodded to me, which was quite flattering. After that, went shopping (HMV sale), then over to Shepherds Bush to give blood, and prowl around the market in search of draught excluders (no luck, unfortunately). Finally, down to Waterloo to meet H-L, then back home.

Spent this evening sorting out the new ICSF TV list, which is now up on the website, and emailed to the relevant people, so that can now wait until after my exams next week before I have to do the next one.
Tags: postgrad
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