John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Well, since my last entry, I've been pretty lazy here. Caught up on the TV I'd taped during the week last night and played Magic, then read through the latest batch of comics today. In particular, the paperback of "Midnight Nation" is now out (JMS comic), which is an excellent story.

Thanks to Lloyd for explaining basic number theory to me on IRC - I can now see how I should have answered the exam question on Tuesday :)

One odd thing yesterday was that Bubbles (cat) went AWOL. I let her out in the morning when I went to my exam, but there was no sign of her when I got back. I wandered round the estate looking for her, but she didn't show up by the time I went to bed. No sign of her this morning either, and I was really starting to worry about the attrition rates of cats in our house. But she's now returned, safe and sound, so that's good. I'll have a word to our neighbours later to find out about her vet's history, then see about getting a microchip stuck in her back (if she doesn't already have one). This is something I heard about relatively recently (none of our cats had them when I was a kid) - the idea is that the chip stores an ID number, and this can be looked up in a central database to get our address. So, if the cat wanders onto a removals van or something, and winds up at the opposite end of the country, the local animal shelter can do a "cat scan" then get in touch with us.
Tags: cat, comics, maths

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