John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Catching up on the last few days of events:

Went off to dinner with various ICSF people on Friday evening, to celebrate Richard's birthday, which was fun.

On Saturday, noticed that all my eggs had just hit their "best before" date, so I solved this problem with multiple fried-egg sandwiches. I'm never quite sure whether I should thank Lorna for introducing me to this evil addiction ;-p On a more productive note, I cleared out one of the big boxes from my room, leading to a significant increase in floor space. Basically, it's not that I don't have storage space for all the stuff piled on my floor, it's that I'm trying to avoid the "file and forget" syndrome I've encountered before, so by being in my way it's a reminder that I really need to get round to sorting it out. For instance, I also glanced at a sports bag with a pair of trainers inside, and I was tempted to just sling it in the bottom of the wardrobe. However, when I then dutifully went through all the contents, it was a voyage of discovery - "oh, that's where my screwdriver went!" On a related note, I've continued ripping my audio tapes to mp3s - once I'm finished, I can put their box away in the cupboard too (long term storage). I also did a new webpage for ICSF - Sandman spinoffs.

On Sunday, I continued my clearout by finding new homes for stuff I don't need anymore. Baz and Robbie came round to collect my old vacuum cleaner, then Jakob came round to pick up my flight yoke/pedals. I'm on a roll here - stay tuned for my next car boot sale :) In the evening, I did the new week's TV guide for ICSF.

This morning, I solved the mystery of our silent doorbell by the cunning approach of replacing the batteries. I'm definitely getting the hang of this whole "hands on, practical" thingy :) After that, into college for more lectures. I'm coming round to the attitude that my official modules are "what I do to pay the rent" (figuratively speaking), i.e. they keep me at Kings so that I have the opportunity to do the more interesting stuff. Mind you, the next week or so will be quite hectic, as I basically try to cram all the important stuff that the others did last term. One odd thing - I went into Blackwells earlier to pick up a textbook for the "Advanced Computational Semantics" module, and it was in the linguistics section rather than the computing section. Gah, I'm turning into a social scientist!

On a literary note, interesting thing in Dragonflight. Here's a quote from F'lar (one of the protagonists), referring to a girl he's just met: "She was not young enough, happily, to be Fax's seed. One of the previous Lord's by-blows? No, there was no taint of common blood here. It was pure, no matter whose line." Compare and contrast this with the "mudblood" term in the Harry Potter novels. At this point, I'm cheering for the threads :) Ah well, I've had an email telling me that this book's overdue now, so I may just abandon it at this point, unless I can finish it tonight.
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